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Non-Qualifying Loan Programs

elite non-qualifying loansOutstanding Rates for Well Qualified Borrowers!

85% Loan To Value | Super Jumbo to $2.5 Million | Interest Only Loans Available!

24 Month Business or Personal Bank Statements | 12 Month Bank Personal Bank Statement Loans

advanced non-qualifying loansLoan Amounts: $150K – $2.5M

Allows **1 DAY** Out of Foreclosure or Short Sale to 80% LTV with 580 FICO to $1M Loan Amount!!

Allows **1 DAY** Out of BK13 Discharge

Allows Minimum 1 Year out of BK7/11

BK13 Buyout – OK!

5% Minimum Contribution from Borrower’s Own Funds Required

Allows 24M Business or Personal Bank Statements to be Used as Income Verification

investment loansLoan Amounts $100K – $2M

No Income Required on 1003

No DTI / DSCR Calculations

No Reserve Requirement

‘Funds to Close’ Must Be Seasoned for 60 Days

Open to Foreign Nationals

LLCs, Limited/General Partnerships Considered

No Limit to Number of Financed Properties

Investment Properties Only

platinum plus non-qualifying loansLoan Amounts: $150,000 – $2.5M

95% LTV to $1.5M FULL DOC / 90% to $2.5M – NO Mortgage Insurance!


Up to 80%LTV on Investment Property Cashout Transactions (Including 2-4 Units!!)

Will Consider NonWarrantable Condos!

At 80% LTV, ENTIRE DOWN PAYMENT can be gift!!

30Y / 15Y / 5.1 ARM 30YW/10YIO Available!

1YR TAX RETURN Feature as Well

W2 Only for Wage Earners is Available

Let us help you decide which program is best for your situation.
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